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BlueDriver OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner for iOS & Android Review

You can’t do a good job without proper equipment – if you’re a car mechanic, you need some quality diagnostic tools. Investing in BlueDriver Bluetooth scanners is a wise decision because it’s bound to pay off eventually. But, this doesn’t mean you should spend all your savings on one tool. Especially not if you know that there are some tools with superb performances that don’t cost much. Lemur Monitors BlueDriver OBDII is one of them!

BlueDriver OBD2 Bluetooth Scan Tool for iOS and Android

Technical Specifications

FeaturesBlueDriver OBD2
Works iOS & android
Vehicle CoveragePetrol vehicles (2001 and newer) & diesel vehicles (2004 and newer), manufactured by GM, Ford, Nissan, Chrysler, or Toyota
Mode 6

Advanced test results, including things like misfire counts
ABS, SRS Diagnosis Yes
Transmission DiagnosisYes
Check Engine Light Yes
Airbag Check Yes
Smog CheckYes
Read & Clear Codes Yes
Repair Reports Yes
Software Update Yes (Free app updates)
Warranty 1-year limited warranty

What People are Saying about BlueDriver Bluetooth?

Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool
BlueDriver Bluetooth is the best choice about scan tool for your car.

It’s a fact that BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII scan tool is among the most popular diagnostic tools among auto mechanics. Just take a look at the Amazon reviews about this product and you’ll see that what I’m saying is true. So, why’s this the case?

Well, there are many reasons why you might want to get a BlueDriver Bluetooth diagnostic tool for your garage shop. First of all, let’s talk about money. With the price of under a hundred bucks, this is one of the most affordable diagnostic tools you can find these days.

And even if you manage to find a cheaper version, it probably won’t get anywhere near BlueDriver Bluetooth diagnostic tool in terms of performances. This tool is fast and reliable and should serve you very well for a long time. And the fact that the manufacturer is giving 12 months warranty is proof of that.

The tool works both on iOS and Android, which, let’s face it, are the most popular mobile operating systems. It also works on a variety of different vehicles, including both petrol vehicles and those powered by diesel engines.

With the current software version, the tool works mostly on American-made cars. We’re talking about vehicles made by companies like GM, Ford, Nissan, and Chrysler. When it comes to foreign car manufacturers, Toyota is the only non-US brand this tool can work with. This is definitely something Lemur Monitors will have to improve in the future. I’m sincerely hoping that they’ll be adding more suitable brands in their next software update.

BlueDriver Bluetooth OBD2 Reviews 2019

BlueDriver Bluetooth review
BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android
4.54.5 / 5
BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool comes with all the features you need to perform good automotive diagnostics work and the reasonable priced.

There’s no doubt that the BlueDriver is one of the best OBD2 scanners you can find on today’s market. Everything about this device seems awesome, starting with the fact that it works both with Android and iOS devices, which is something you can’t find in too many other scanners.

On top of that, this scanner provides pretty accurate results when doing DTC readings, which is really surprising considering that its price is pretty affordable. Getting this scanner means saving money, which is why it’s a good choice not only for professionals but also for curbside mechanics. Having this kind of device in your garage is definitely a wise option.

Another reason why BlueDriver is ideal for “curbside mechanics” is the fact that it’s pretty easy to use. You can easily connect it to your smartphone or tablet, regardless of whether it runs on Android or iOS. And the connection in question is wireless, meaning that there are no wires and cables that would come in the way.

Sure, there are many other scanners that work both with Android and iOS devices, but what makes this one stand out is the fact that it does more work than you would expect from one such device. Reading diagnostic trouble codes is just one of many tasks this scanner can perform.

Advanced Functions of BlueDriver

Unlike other scanners from the same price range, BlueDriver comes with some advanced functions such as real-time data logging, graphing of engine parameters, intuitive suggestions of possible causes of the problem, and so on.

On top of that, it also suggests how to fix the problem, which is something that amateur mechanic will find very useful. If you’re not a pro, you surely don’t know what to do to fix a problem with your car. But, if the BlueDriver suggests a solution, you might be able to fix it on your own. For more help with dealing with the problem, you can always consult Google.

And, of course, this feature also helps professionals. Instead of struggling with finding the right solution to the problem, they can just take a look at what BlueDriver has to say. And the best thing is that, according to user reviews, BlueDriver really does give the best possible solution most of the time.

Other functions that BlueDriver comes along with including advanced data readings and readings of misfires. Then, there’s also the Repair Report which contains all the data about the error, as well as suggestions on how to fix it. You can print this report and take it to the mechanic with you if you wish to save both of you some time. BlueDriver also comes with a feature for Reading and Clearing Codes for ABS, Transmission, and Airbag.

BlueDriver also has the so-called Mode 6, a feature that provides advanced test results (e.g. misfire counts) for on-board monitors. There’s also a smog check feature, which will tell you whether the vehicle in question is ready for a smog test. The same goes for the emissions tests. It also comes with a Freeze Frame option, which is basically a snapshot of the vehicle data at the time when the Freeze Frame details were stored. Finally, BlueDriver also comes with Live Data feature, which enables the user to capture any kind of live data that’s supported by the vehicle.

Quality & Reliability

Still not convinced that BlueDriver is the right choice? Well, you should also know that despite being cheap, this scanner is pretty reliable. It’s made and tested in the United States, which is a sort of guarantee that this is a durable product. You can expect it to serve you very well for literally decades. This device is also pretty rugged, so don’t let its small size fool you. If you drop it by accident, it probably won’t break.

We’re done talking about the hardware aspect of BlueDriver, but what about its software? Everything about this scanner is made in a user-friendly manner, making this device very easy to use. Therefore, it’s suitable not just only for professional mechanics, but amateurs as well.

BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool
This tool is easy to connect with your phone by an amazing app in IOS and Android.

In order to be able to use this scanner with your smartphone or tablet, you will have to download its app. The good news is that the BlueDriver app is completely free of charge. What this means is that all you need to do is download it to your device and once it’s installed, all that’s left to do is connect it to the BlueDriver scanner.

The developers of this app are constantly working on making it better, which is why app updates are pretty common. But, worry not, updating the app is completely free. And it also doesn’t take too much time.

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What Makes BlueDriver Superior to Similar Tools?

BlueDriver is, of course, not the only automotive diagnostic tool on the market. There are literally hundreds of devices you can choose from. Still, most of them come nowhere near this tool. But, there are a couple of scanners that do, named FIXD and ODBLINK. These are the main competitors of BlueDriver, but I really do believe they can’t beat it.

FIXD, for example, is basically a weaker version of BlueDriver, coming with fewer features, but also a cheaper price. Same as BlueDriver, it also works on iOS and Android platforms. The other one, the tool called OBDLINK also works on Android, but you cannot use it on Apple devices. Still, there’s one advantage this scan tool has over BlueDriver – it works on Windows as well.

Those are the main differences between these scan devices. But, in order to clearly see that BlueDriver is your best choice, you better take a look at their specs.

BlueDriver vs FIXD vs OBDlink Comparison Chart

BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android
BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool
Check Price
FIXD Active Car Health Monitor & OBD2 Scan Tool
FIXD Active Car Health Monitor OBD2 Scan Tool
Check Price
OBDLink MX: Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner for Android & Windows
OBDLink MX: Bluetooth OBD2 Scanner
Check Price
4.54.5 / 5
4.24.2 / 5
4.24.2 / 5
PriceBlueDriver Bluetooth priceFIXD priceOBDLink MX price

2.08 ounces1.6 ounces1.12 ounces

2.2 x 1.9 x 1 inches1.8 x 0.8 x 1.6 inches1.8 x 0.9 x 2 inches
Full OBD2

I/M Readiness

O2 Test




Oil Reset

EPB/SAS reset

Pros & Cons of BlueDriver

As you’ve probably already figured out, we do love the BlueDriver a lot. But, there are some things about this device that could do with some improvements. That said, it’s now time to take a look at some of the strongest points of this scan tool, as well as some of its downsides. So, here they are!

BlueDriver Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool
BlueDriver Bluetooth is designed to make the easy diagnostic for your car.


  • Very fast and very reliable vehicle scan tool
  • Covers a wide range of diagnostic operations
  • Comes with a very attractive price tag
  • Can be used for a variety of cars, vans, etc.
  • Works with different types of smartphones (both iOS and Android)
  • Thanks to its mobile app, it’s incredibly easy to use
  • The manufacturer is giving a 1-year warranty on the BlueDriver


  • Doesn’t work on Windows PCs (or any kind of computers)
  • The BlueDriver app is available only in English

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does BlueDriver work on diesel vehicles?

Yes, it does. It works on all kinds of diesel vehicles, as long as they’re manufactured after 2004.

Can I leave BlueDriver plugged in?

You can do it, it’s totally up to you. BlueDriver will not drain your battery if you leave it plugged in. Because it has a feature that will turn it off automatically if you’re not using it for a certain period.

Do you have to pay for software or it comes pre-installed?

BlueDriver comes with its own pre-installed app, which is completely free of charge. The BlueDriver App also automatically updates itself, without any need for you to pay additional fees.

Can you use some other automotive diagnostics app?

BlueDriver comes with its own application, which is already installed on the device. This means that there is no need to install any other app. And even if you do it, the tool probably won’t do equally good as with its own app.

Does the engine have to be on for BlueDriver to work?

You don’t have to keep the engine on, but the car’s ECM does have to be on. Basically, you just need to keep the ignition in the “running” position.

Can you use BlueDriver on PC?

Unfortunately, such a thing is not a possibility. This device works with iOS and Android operating systems. And both of these platforms are meant for mobile devices, not PCs.

Is BlueDriver interface available in languages other than English?

The current software version the device comes with is available only in English. But, who knows what the future holds…

BlueDriver professional OBD2 scan tool review

The Bottom Line

The only issue I have with BlueDriver is that you can’t use it on a PC. It works only on mobile devices. But, then again, it’s more convenient to use smartphones and tablets for these sorts of things. And if you think the same, there really is no reason not to get one of these tools for your shop.

This scan tool comes with all the features you need to perform automotive diagnostics work. And on top of everything, it’s pretty reasonably priced and even comes with a 12-month warranty period. Can you ask for more?

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