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Tip To Steam Clean Your Car At Home

If you want to clean your car in the most eco-friendly way then steam cleaning would be the great option for you. It makes your car look shiny and new. Steam cleaning does not only give your car a new look but also sanitise surfaces in your car and remove bad bacterias and allergens.  

Recently, it has become a trend to hire professionals to steam and clean your car. But, did you know that this can be done at home? If you want to get rid of the bill of professional detailing, you should invest in a steam cleaner for your car

In this article, we will discuss the tip to steam clean your car at home. But before that, lets know what is steam cleaning and how often you should steam clean your car.

What Is Steam Cleaning A Car?

Steam cleaning a car is a method in which steam vapour is used to clean your car interior and exterior. You just need to fill an electric powered steam cleaner and switch it on to heat up. Once the hot water vapour is created, release it with air pressure from a handle using a trigger. The hot water vapour makes a natural sanitiser that removes dirt and stubborn stains from your car  and leaves the car extremely clean.

The Need To Steam Clean Your Car

Car interior gets dirty easily. Dirt from your clothes can easily transfer to the seats. Moreover the steering wheels and handles can get oily. You can not properly clean some corners of your car by hand. But  by Steam cleaning you can clean every hard to reach area of your car. Here are some reasons to steam clean your car:

  • A steamer can heat up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit. That much heat is enough to loosen the stubborn stains. You don’t need to scrub your hands to remove the stains.
  • Chemicals that are used in traditional cleaning methods can be harmful to your interior. But with steam cleaning all you need is water.
  • It can also clean unreachable areas of your car by using attachments.
  • Steam cleaning is eco-friendly because it uses only water and not chemicals. 
  • Once you buy a steam cleaner for steam cleaning, it will last for longer and you don’t have to buy expensive car washes products continually. 

So, you need to steam clean your car to get the above benefits. 

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How Often You Should Steam Clean Your Car

A dirty car looks bad and smells weird. Usually you should wash your car every two weeks or so. Steam clean may be needed every 6 to 12 months. But it depends on how often you drive the car and where you park your car.

The more you drive your car, the more it needs to be washed. While driving you gather lots of dirt, bird dropping, germs in your car which can be harmful  to your car paint. So, if you spend a lot of your time driving,  you should wash your car more often.

The environmental surrounding of your car also matters on the cleanliness of your car. If you drive the car in the city and store it in the garage, you may steam clean your vehicle less frequently. But if you stay mostly in the construction sites, industrial areas or the sea beach with your car,  you should clean your car more frequently.

Tip To Steam Clean Your Car At Home

There are some tips on how you clean your car at home. Follow the tips to clean your car properly:

  •  Heat Up The Water

First you have to fill the steam cleaner tank with water and turn it on to heat up. In that time you can gather the accessories that you will need while cleaning.

  •  Throw Out Any Trash, Floor Mats And Leave The Door Open

Before cleaning, remove the trashes, floor mats, kids accessories, and tea cups outside the car. This will make your cleaning process simple and you will get more space to clean.

  • Vacuum Everything First

After removing extra items, you must vacuum the car to loose dirt and debris as much as possible. Vacuum every corner of your car including carpet, seats and upholstery. Free the dirt as much as possible before steam clean it.

  • Clean The Carpets And Upholstery 

Fix the right cleaning brush to the steam cleaner and release the steam to clean carpets and upholstery. Move the cleaning brush over the cloth of upholstery and carpet. You have to be quick while doing that otherwise the upholstery can get wet.

  •  Steam Clean Leather Seats, Plastic, And Hard Surfaces

Before cleaning leather seats, plastic or any hard surfaces in your car, make sure you use the softer attachment to the steam cleaner. By using softer attachment or microfiber cloth you can secure the leather seats and hard surfaces from scratches.

  •  Steam Clean The Car Windows

Clean your car windows by attaching a window cleaner to the steam cleaner. Move the attachment downward motion on the window glass and wipe the excess water with a microfiber cloth.

  • Clean Mats And Put Them In The Car

Steam clean your car floor mats and once they are clean and dry, replace them in the car.


From the above article, you get to know what steam cleaning a car is, the advantages of steam cleaning,  how often you should steam clean your car and some tips to steam clean your car at home. So, before heading off to the car wash, try to steam clean your car at home following the tips without getting your hands dirty.

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