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Hey guys,

So you’re here with me on my blog!

I’m Tim Miller, from Denver, Colorado.

I’ve had more than 12 years working as a mechanic with hundreds of tools in the garage shops.

And I think that I should share my knowledge and skills related to the tools with the community.

All you can see on my blog have been written with my desire to give HONEST information to the readers including you.

The posts you find here are about the reviews of the OBD Scanners, Impact Wrenches, Tire Inflators, Car Vacuum Cleaners, etc.

You will find TIPS and tricks using the tools, too.

What I’d love to do is to give you all HONEST reviews and information to help you narrow down items.

So that you can easily take a suitable one for yourself.

I’m always available for any questions or inquiries.

Email: [email protected].