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What Transmission Do I Have?

transmission is what keeps your wheels spinning

transmission is connected to the engine and uses power from the engine and converts it into power for the wheels

Are you having transmission problems and trying to figure out what transmission does my car have? Knowing what engine transmission is in your car is very important if you need to fix any problems or even just to keep your engine running properly.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the different types of engine transmissions and how to know what kind your car has.

Before we dive into the different kinds of transmission, let’s take a look at what a transmission is. Basically, your car’s transmission is connected to the engine and uses power from the engine and converts it into power for the wheels.

The transmission is what keeps your wheels spinning and the engine within a certain range of revolutions per minute (rpm). Each car has a different rpm range so the transmission is specific to each car’s make and model.

Kinds Of Transmission

There are 4 main types of transmissions that you will find in vehicles. They are manual transmission, automatic transmission, continuously variable transmission (CVT), and semi-automatic or automated manual transmission.

Manual Transmission

Manual transmission also known as a stick shift

The manual transmission is simple and old.

Manual transmission is the simplest and oldest type of transmission. With manual transmissions, the driver operates the gears manually by using a shift and a friction clutch that is operated by the driver’s foot.

Manual transmission, also known as a stick shift, is a simple model that offers good performance and fuel economy. However, it’s not as popular, especially in the US, as other transmission types such as automatic, which are easier to operate.

Automatic Transmission

Driving an automatic transmission is easy and simple
Automatic transmission is the most popular.

The automatic transmission is the most popular type of transmission and it operates how it sounds, automatically on its own without the driver needing to shift the gears. It uses a torque converter to transmit the engine’s rotational energy and a computer-controlled planetary gear set of clutches and breaks.

Driving an automatic transmission is easy and simple, as all of the work is done automatically by the torque converter and computerized systems. But automatic transmissions lose some performance and fuel economy because of this.

Continuously Variable Transmission

Continuously variable transmission (CVT) feels similar to an automatic transmission when you’re driving it as there is no manual shifting of the gears, but it works much differently. CVTs don’t use gears at all, they use a system of belts and pulleys to create a steady acceleration curve. CVT is more efficient than other transmissions because it is continuously regulating its system based on what the engine needs.

Continuously variable transmission is similar to an automatic transmission
Continuously variable transmission is more efficient than other transmissions

Semi-automatic Transmission

The automated manual or semi-automatic transmissions are similar to a manual transmission as they use a clutch but the driver doesn’t operate it with their foot. Instead, the clutch is operated electronically and shifts the gears on its own. This is essentially a hybrid between automatic and manual transmission.

Dual clutch transmissions (DTC) are included in this category and use separate clutches for odd and even gears to allow for faster shifting and better performance. A semi-automatic transmission is designed to give the driver the best of both automatic and manual transmissions.

What Transmission Does My Car Have?

What kind of transmission your car uses will depend entirely on the type of car you have. Most cars and SUVs in the US use an automatic transmission. But manual and semi-automatic transmissions are popular as well. The majority of cars on the market will have automatic transmissions or semi-automatic transmissions.

However, a lot of sports cars or vintage cars will have manual transmissions. Because stick shifts have better handling and performance, they are most commonly used in vehicles like a sports car where performance is essential.

CVT models aren’t as popular, but they are starting to see an increase in demand because they can provide more fuel efficiency like manual transmissions but they also offer the simplicity of automatic transmissions. You’re most likely to find CVTs in SUVs and compact crossover vehicles.

Semi-automatic transmissions are usually found in small to midsize cars like a Toyota Camry or Volkswagen Jetta. But they aren’t as common as automatic transmissions.

What Transmission Is In My Truck?

Many trucks have manual or semi-automatic transmissions because they are more efficient and save on fuel. For light trucks, you’ll most likely find a semi-automatic transmission.

For heavy-duty trucks, the transmissions are usually manual or semi-automatic. Automatic transmissions are available in light and heavy-duty trucks but they aren’t as common.

What Transmission Do I Have?

In order to know exactly what type of transmission your vehicle has, you need to look at your specific car to find out. Although you can put cars into general transmission categories, you can’t say for sure what kind of transmission it has just by looking at the brand or model. To identify the transmission type in your car there are a few different places to look.

Owner’s Manual

One of the first places to look is in your car’s owner’s manual. This manual has all of the information you need to know about your specific car.

It will tell you what kind of transmission you have, what type of transmission fluid to use, and more. If you don’t have your car’s owner’s manual, try a different method to identify the transmission

On the Driver’s Door

Inside your car on the inside edge of the driver’s door is a little white card that usually lists the car’s manufactured year, place of origin, type of engine and transmission.

Most of the time you’ll be able to find the transmission type here but if not, there are other ways to find it.

Under the Hood

Another place to look is under the hood of your car. You’ll need to crawl under your car to do this, which may not be the easiest, and look at your transmission and find it’s part numbers.

Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

Then you can look the part numbers up online or at your local auto shop to find out what transmission type it is.

Each individual car has its own unique identification number that is 17 digits long. You can find this number on the dash plaque near the windshield, on the information card inside the driver’s door, on any documentation or official paperwork for the car, like insurance.

You can even identify the VIN by using an OBD2 scan tool on your vehicle. Once you have the number you can look it up online to decode what transmission your car has or call your local dealership.

Make and Model

Finally, the last way to find out what transmission your car has is to use the car’s make and model. If you know that information, you can find a tool online such as https://www.transmissionrepaircostguide.com/what-transmission-do-i-have/ and put your car’s information in. Then it will tell you exactly what transmission type your car has.

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