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Why Is My Airbag Light On?


The airbag warning light is one of the many indicators that you have on your dashboard. In the event of airbag light on, even if the airbags are not in use, it implies that there is something wrong with your airbag sensors or system.

In this article, we will explore the cause for airbag light flashing in each case and explains a few effective ways to fix the problem. If you are experiencing a similar airbag light on the problem, then read through here to find the solution!

What Is Airbag Warning Light?

Airbags are a crucial safety feature in all cars.
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Airbags are a crucial safety feature in all cars and if you are having your airbags light or SRS light on, you should take prompt action to resolve the issues immediately. Ideally, the airbag warning light is meant to show when the airbag system is in operation

This mostly happens when the airbags have been triggered into popping up. For the most part, the system turns airbags light on because the vehicle has been in a collision or a much lighter impact which has nonetheless triggered the airbag system.

Now, if your airbag light comes on or starts flashing without the airbags themselves in use, there can be several factors responsible for this.  Let’s take a look.

Why Is My Airbag Light On?

There are many reasons why an airbag light might be on or your airbag light flashing.
Credit: https://www.flickr.com

There are many reasons why an airbag light might be on or your airbag light flashing. There could be a problem with the sensors or the airbag backup battery might have run out or the passenger occupancy sensor might have shorted.

These are usually the primary reasons for why your airbag light on. So, you need to check for each of these and then implement the right solution. Let us now look at what you should do in each situation.

How To Reset Airbag Light?

Items You Will Need for Resetting The Light

The items you will need to fix your airbag light on the problem are subject to the exact nature of the problem. For example, if your airbag spring is damaged, then you will need the right airbag clock spring and the tools to fit it in under the steering wheel.

Now, in case your passenger occupancy sensor is malfunctioning, you may need another set of tools. This depends on what needs to be fixed in that sensor relay. Getting a seat pad is expensive but it is possible in some cases to get a sensor bypass kit and get the job done cheaply.

Finally, for a depleted airbag battery, you simply need to get a replacement if this one has fried out. Now, if this does not solve your problem, then you will need a scanning tool to check for any remnant error code and eliminate it.

Ways of Resetting

Let us look at the three alternative causes step-by-step to understand how each of these can be fixed.

Airbag Clock Spring

The first one to check in case of airbags light on is the airbag clock spring. Usually, when this part is malfunctioning, your horn would not be working either. Alternatively, the part may not work simply because you have a bad fuse.

So, the best thing to do is to check for the same and make sure you know the real cause. Once you have made the replacement, you need to disconnect the negative terminals of the battery and let it discharge. This will take about 15 minutes. Once that is done, hook them back up again and see if the airbag light on the problem is fixed.

Passenger Occupancy Sensor Damage

Passenger seats and the sensors underneath them can get damaged rather easily since the seat position is adjustable. This could be the reason why your airbag light flashing. You need to check if this is the cause of the problem. If no one is sitting on the seat, the airbag light will be on.

But if you have someone sitting there, then the airbag light should be off. If this is not the case, then you need to check the wiring and the harness underneath the seat. Now, if the light is still on even after you have someone sitting in there, either you need to get a wiring pad replacement or a plug and play kit for bypassing the malfunctioning sensor. Installing the pad is best left to the pros. For the kit, you need to hook it up to the pad and let it rest.

Airbag Battery Backup

The third and final reason why an SRS light might be on is because of depleted batteries. The most obvious solution here is to simply hook up a new battery and this should not cost you a whole lot. However, sometimes it is not the depleted battery which is the problem but the error code it has sent. The easiest fix for this is to get a scan tool and get your vehicle scanned for the error code. Once the code is gone, you can get the SRS light working properly again.

Bottom line

Airbag systems protect drivers and passengers in the event of a collision. A malfunctioning SRS system can be very dangerous if it is left unfixed. The steps we have mentioned above will help you locate the real reason for the problem and have it seen to. Some of this stuff can be done on your own. But for more complex things like reinstalling a new passenger seat pad or simply resetting the entire airbag system, the job is best left to professionals. Be sure to have this problem fixed and avoid any unnecessary dangers when you are driving your vehicle.


Is It Safe To Drive A Car With The Airbag Light On?

Airbag safety is a big part of all vehicles. The last thing you want is to get seriously injured in an accident because you did not get your airbag system fixed in time. While this system will not interfere with your driving, an airbag light flashing should not be ignored. Has it fixed at the next immediate opportunity?

Why Does My Airbag Light Come On And Off?

When your airbag light is flashing, it usually means that you need to check the above three factors and fix the problem.

What Does It Mean When Your Airbag Light Stays On?

Again, the airbag light is on because there is an error with the system. You need to get the system checked by professionals or follow the steps above to do the same yourself.

Will Disconnecting the Battery Reset the Airbag Light?

No, disconnecting the battery will not reset the airbag light if there are other problems in the system. The battery might be depleted and in that case you will need to replace it. The wiring will also need to be checked to ensure nothing is off.

What’s the cost of repairing an SRS light?

The repair cost for an SRS light depends entirely on the nature of the malfunction. The above 3 steps explain what needs to be done in each case. If you have doubts, then it is best to take your vehicle to a trusted garage and have the problem fixed.

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