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How to Choose the Best Trailer Hitch for Your Vehicle

Having a trailer hitch is the easiest way to mount anything on the rear part of your vehicle. It is a very useful instrument during long trips for moving anything or camping. It lets you tow whatever you need to hitch mounted accessories like a motorcycle carrier, bike rack, or cargo carrier. 

Although some vehicles come with a built-in hitch, most do not come with a hitch from the factory. In that case, you will need to mount a trailer hitch manually by purchasing one. But choosing the right trailer hitch will be challenging for an ordinary man. 

This is because markets have been flooded with different types of trailer hitches. You have to pick the best one to meet your needs from the numerous hitches. For your convenience, we will let you know different factors that will assist you in choosing the best trailer hitch in this context.

What is a Trailer Hitch? 

Trailer hitch

A trailer hitch is an initial connection between the car and the trailer in a towing system. Mounting a trailer hitch with your vehicle will help you carry anything, whether small or big. Typically, a trailer hitch contains a tongue extension in order to make the connection between the ball mount and the trailer ball. 

Using a heavy duty trailer tongue extension with a vehicle, you can carry everything you want. You will find a variety of trailer hits to choose from relying on exactly what you intend to tow. Although some tow hitches are permanent, some are also removable. So you can mount different types of trailer hitch according to your needs. 

Why Should You Use a Trailer Hitch for Your Car?

Installing a trailer hitch in your car is a great investment. It will offer you a new option, especially if you love spending time in outdoor activities. Below we have outlined some significant advantages of using a trailer hitch.

Hiking and Camping

A trailer hitch will help make hiking and camping more fun and enjoyable. Typically, using a trailer hitch, you can take all your gear where you require it. It lets you carry all your gear such as backpacks, tents, fishing gear, cook stove, climbing gear, sleeping bags, and many more.


Taking your favorite bicycle from one place to another is very challenging sometimes, especially if you have to go long-distance. Besides, if you like cycling in a camping place, you may want to take your cycle with you. In that case, using a trailer hitch will help you. A hitch can allow you to attach a bike rack to your vehicle so that you can carry up to four bicycles.

Towing Your Outdoor Toys

Champing without your favorite outdoor toys can be dull. But don’t worry, with the help of a trailer hitch, you can carry your favorite toys wherever you want. This will help you bring an ATV, boat, jet skis, or camper with your car. You just have to hook them up on the back of your car.

Vehicle Towing

Sometimes you may have to pull a car to get to the mechanics for fixing. Besides, you will be required to carry a second vehicle (like a jeep or dune buggy) on vacation. Using a trailer hitch, you easily do that by hooking your secondary car to your primary vehicle.

Make Moving Easier

It is easy to enclose large items like machinery with the assistance of a trailer. If you plan to move your gear at home in the summer, a trailer hitch in your car can make the task easier. Using a trailer hitch to do such tasks will be more efficient and cheaper than hiring a truck. So, installing a trailer hitch is a cost-effective solution to move or bring a small house with your vehicle.

Different Types of Trailer Hitches

As we have said earlier, you will find different trailer hitches. Some heavy hitches may require hiring a professional to mount the barrier in your car. You will also get some hitches that are easy to install on any vehicle. 

Typically, trailer hitches are divided into five categories depending on the towing capacity and the size of the receiver tube. A hitch falls into a higher classification if it can carry more weight. 

Class one hitches can carry up to 2,000 lbs, whereas a class five hitch can tow up to 20,000 Ibs. Below we have pointed out different hitches generally used in most cars.

Receiver Style Hitch

This type of hitch is most commonly used in vehicles. Although some cars come equipped with this hitch from the factory, some are not like this. With its square receiver, it can easily be attached to the car frame. Here another hitch mount is inserted, or a ball is mounted from the trailer.

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Fifth wheel hitches are incredibly strong and can load approximately between 15,000 and about 20,000 pounds. This hitch is the modern choice for the regular RVer. It is mainly mounted in the vehicle’s bed’s middle area. As a result, this barrier can easily absorb impact from unexpected road dips or bumps.

Front Mounted Hitch

The front-mounted hitch is related to the receiver hitch. Most times, this hitch isn’t utilized, but sometimes quite useful. You can use it when parking the trailer and pushing the heavy rig with great force.

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How to Choose the Best Trailer Hitch for Your Vehicle

Choosing the right trailer hitch is very challenging if you don’t have any idea about it. For your help, below, we have demonstrated some significant things about trailer hitches that help you choose the best one.


Before purchasing a trailer hitch, it is the most crucial consideration. The towing capacity of every vehicle varies, and not all cars are designed to add a hitch. For that, you should check whether your car supports adding a hitch and weight capabilities and limitations. 

Hitch Class

Trailer hitches are segmented into five classes based on their capabilities and uses. Class one and two are suitable for cars, minivans, and crossovers with low weight capabilities and a 1¼ inch receiver. Class 3 is used in SUVs, vans, and trucks. In addition, class 4 and class 5 are designed for trucks and SUVs with high towing capacities and 2-inch receivers.

Hitch Height

Ensuring sufficient room between the ground and the hitch is crucial during towing. Otherwise, road bumps and sinks may damage your carrying equipment. Besides, your trailer will not be sit level if your receiver is too high. For that, choose a trailer hitch that is perfect for your towing.

Mounting Hardware

All mounts can not do the same task or load the same weight. That’s why you should determine what mounts you will need and their capabilities while buying a trailer hitch. This will help you to ensure your safety as well as prevent carry instruments from damage.

Protective Finish

As the trailer hitch is connected to your vehicle, it can be easily damaged by hot and cold weather. In that case, picking a trailer hitch with a protective finish will be a good choice. This will help your trailer hitch from rust, corrosion, and road debris.   


If you need to make additional capacity for transporting excess goods, using a trailer hitch with your vehicle is a good choice. It allows you to create more space than the vehicle for holding more stuff. However, most people are confused about which trailer hitch will be the best for their vehicle. 

This is because numerous types of trailer hitch are available on both the offline and online markets. That’s why in this article, we have presented a comprehensive guideline about choosing the right trailer hitch for your car. You can get a suitable trailer hitch for your vehicles following the factors discussed above.

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