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Best bidirectional scan tool 2021: Launch X431 Pad VII Review

LAUNCH X-431 is one of the best bidirectional scan tools on the market. And the LAUNCH brand is known to professional technicians for its high-grade OBD II scanners. So, if you want to buy the most suitable OBD II scanner for all brands of cars, then LAUNCH X-431 may be one of the best options.

You will be successful as a professional car mechanic only when you quickly diagnose and solve your customers’ car problems. And there is no substitute for a best OBD II scanner in diagnosing car problems. For this, we have taken the LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD Scanner for review. This device can give you perfect performance. Also, working with the X-431 PAD VII scanner, you will get a new butter smooth experience.

Mention, we will give our opinion about this device in this article. We will also present you with a review of LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII and its advantages and disadvantages. In addition, we will try to explain the features of this device and answer some of the questions, which will be helpful for you.

launch x431 pad vii bidirectional scan tool
Working with the X-431 PAD VII scanner will give you a new butter smooth experience

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Review Section


The LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII device can diagnose all kinds of problems, including complex and straightforward issues. This device has a touch screen technology with a large display, which allows a customer to use the device comfortably with maximum clarity. And the X-431 PAD scanner uses Android Os.

The LAUNCH X-431 OBD tool is for professionals, so its price is costly. However, the device provides all the premium features, which is very important for a professional mechanic. With it, you can easily do things like ADAS Calibration, ECU programming, and TPMS Relearn. Also, this device supports a maximum of 26 servicing functions.

The LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII device can diagnose all kinds of problems, including complex and straightforward issues

As mentioned, this OBD device has a lot of vehicle coverage. And this is the best obd2 scanner for BMW. In addition, the LAUNCH X-431 tool supports around 110 brands of cars in various markets, including European and American. Additionally, with the help of this device, you will get the benefit of a real-time voltage monitor while diagnosing the car. And it has the advantage of software updates that will keep your device updated over time.


  • Vehicle coverage of OBD devices is extensive.
  • This tool is straightforward to use.
  • Its Android operating system is quite interesting.
  • This OBD II device has the benefit of free software updates.
  • Its display is quite large, and it has touch screen technology.


  • It costs a lot more than any other OBD II device.
  • This tool is quite large and heavy.

Main Features

  • Read and clear code:  If any vehicle component is damaged, the engine light comes on. And in this case, scanning the car with the OBD scanner yields various error OBD codes. You can read and clear the error codes with this OBD device.
  • Live data:  It is essential to monitor the live data of different information while diagnosing the car. It helps you to know the overall condition of various components of the vehicle. The LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD scanner is capable of displaying live data correctly.
  • Compatibility:  Vehicle compatibility is crucial for any OBD scanner. Because if your car is not compatible with the scanner, you will not be able to use the scanner. The vehicle compatibility of the X-431 PAD VII OBD II device is excellent. This device is compatible with 110 brands of cars.
  • Design: The design of this OBD device is exciting. It is a device made entirely of plastic. And this tool is made of outstanding quality plastic. However, the LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD scanner is quite heavy, which can be a problem for many to carry.
  • LCD:  The LAUNCH X-431 scanner has a larger screen. The LCD screen can give clear and vibrant color output. Also, the device has touch screen technology on its LCD to operate.
  • Support:  Software support is essential for any device. Software updates keep OBD devices up to date, fixing various tool BUGs and adding new features. That’s why the X-431 PAD VII device has the benefit of free software updates.
  • VIN:  This device can automatically enable VIN through intelligent diagnosis, which allows you to diagnose car problems more efficiently and quickly. Also, this OBD device gives you more intuitive data to handle vehicle problems more thoroughly.
  • 26 Functions: The LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD scanner has 26 service functions. So you can maintain your car yourself with this scanner without going to the shop. And you can easily use the tool for its convenient interface.

Advance Features

  • ABS: The LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII scanner can detect any defects in the antilock braking system. Also, this device is capable of resetting ABS and bleeding. And with the X-431 PAD VII device, you can also do ABS programming.
  • Oil Reset:  Engine oil has a fixed expiration date. It is crucial to replace the engine oil after running a specific kilometer. And when it’s time to change the engine oil, the car’s dashboard lights up. You can read and reset OBD codes related to engine oil service with the LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII scanner.
  • DPF: Diesel Particulate Filter can be a run-up to a specific period. Then it has to be replaced. And after replacement, DPF has to be made manageable. You can use DAPF with the LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII Scanner. Also, you can do DPF regeneration with this OBD device.
  • ECU Programming:  There is no shortage of OBD tools in the market. But with all the tools, you can’t do ECU programming because you can only do it with a premium device. The LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD tool specializes in ECU programming. In addition, this OBD II device can diagnose and reset other ECU problems.
  • TPMS: The tire pressure monitoring system is one of the most critical sensors in the car. This sensor needs programming after tire or TPMS replacement. You can do TPMS programming with the LAUNCH X-431 OBD scanner. Also, this tool can relearn and reset TPMS.
  • SAS: The SAS service is to calibrate the steering angle sensor. It is essential to adjust the steering angle sensor after repairing or replacing specific modules of the vehicle. Otherwise, there will be a problem with the steering balance of the car. The X-431 PAD tool can recalibrate SAS as well as reset.

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Is LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII any good?

This review has reviewed the various positive aspects of the LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD II device. Also, you will find many positive reviews of Launch OBD Scanner online because this scanner is known for its reliability and popularity. Additionally, the X-431 PAD VII OBD II scanner can deliver reliable results, suitable to meet all your needs.

Is the LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD scanner compatible with Mercedes vehicles?

The LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD scanner is a high premium device. Its vehicle coverage is excellent. Also, This OBD tool is compatible with all popular brands of cars. And Mercedes is the name of a giant in the world of cars. So you can say the LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII OBD scanner is one of the best OBD2 scanners for Mercedes.

Which OBD scanner should I buy between Autel and Launch?

Both Autel and launch brands are known for their professional OBD II scanners. And the two brands have some unique features of their own. But if you talk about the Highly Professional OBD Scanner, then the Launch brand is incomparable. However, which brand of device you buy will depend on your decision and budget. Also, if you have a perfect budget, go with the launch brand; otherwise, Autel is the best choice for you in terms of the overall budget.

Good Bye Words

As the demand for personal vehicles grows in the growing market, so does the need for car maintenance tools. And one of the most important of the devices is the OBD II scanner. Again, there are many parts of this OBD scanner: the professional OBD II scanner. Mentioned, our LAUNCH X-431 PAD VII reviewed in this article is a Highly Professional OBD II Scanner.

This OBD device is not for everyone. This scanner is only for those whose budget is much higher and who want to buy a premium professional OBD tool. And it is one of the incomparable OBD II scanners for the professional mechanic of the car.

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