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Ancel AD310 Vs. AD410 Vs. AD510: Should I buy the cheapest?

Ancel is a well-known company that manufacturers professional automotive products including scan tools with the best quality. Their features are impressive and easy to use. This makes them popular with car owners, professional mechanics, and DIYers.

In this review, we shall take a look at Ancel AD310, AD410, AD510. They have a lot in common and also some differences. We have considered at these three scanners, their features, functionality, similarities, and differences to help you make the choice on which is best for you.

Ancel AD310 vs. AD410 vs. AD510: Complete Comparison Table

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Customer Rating
PriceANCEL AD310 priceANCEL AD410 priceANCEL AD510 price
Vehicle Makes SupportedOBD2 compliant

OBD2 compliant
OBD2 compliant
Data StreamYes
Freeze Frame DataYesYesYes
O2 sensor TestYesYesYes
On-Board MonitoringNoYesYes
USB Internet UpdateNoYesYes
Turn Off Check Engine LightYesYesYes
Read live PCM DataStreamNoNoYes
Read and clear all codesYesYesYes
DTC LookupNoYesYes
I/M monitor readiness testYesYesYes
EVAP system testNoYesYes

Ancel AD310 vs. AD410 vs. AD510: Detailed Comparison and Review

Key Things in Common of Ancel AD310, AD410 and AD510

ANCEL AD310 Classic Enhanced Universal OBD II Scanner
ANCEL AD310 is a great code readers from more basic diagnostics.

These three scanners are easy to use, even for people with no mechanical background. The AD310, AD410, and AD510 are known to be strong, reliable scanners. They have a compact design with a small screen, which makes them highly portable. They work out of the box and all come with a cable that you connect to the OBD2 port.

ANCEL AD410 Enhanced OBD II Vehicle Code Reader
Ancel AD410 has the capability to read and erase fault codes when the check engine light comes on.

All of these scanners do not have batteries. They use your vehicle’s power to operate by connecting with a cable to the OBD port. The cable makes them work faster than other Bluetooth scanners.

With any of these scanners, you can save money by looking for troublesome codes yourself. You will find all the basic functionality that you expect in an OBD scanner in these three scanners. The Ancel AD310, AD410 and AD510 are primarily designed to read and clear codes. All these three scanners will perform this function perfectly. Additionally, they will retrieve VIN, turn off check engine light and perform an Oxygen sensor test. I/M monitor readiness test can also be covered, too. Other functionalities in common are reading freeze frame data and data streaming.

ANCEL AD510 Enhanced Vehicle OBD2 Scanner
ANCEL AD510 contains all the basic OBD2 functions and full OBDII modes.

The scanners come in either of these 8 languages including English, German, French, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch, Russian and Portuguese.

Just like other Ancel products, you enjoy free lifetime software upgrades on the three scanners.

Key Differences Of Ancel AD310 vs. AD410 vs. AD510

There are some notable differences between these three scanners. The screen technology among these three screens is different. The AD310 has an LCD display while the AD410 has a QVGA display. The AD510 has a TFT LCD display.

In terms of functionality, the major difference is that both AD410 and AD510 have DTC lookup and onboard monitoring while the AD310 doesn’t have these functions. Another major difference is that the AD510 can read live PCM DataStream while the others cannot.

Design and Specifications

The AD310 has an LCD display which measures 128 by 64 pixels. It has a white backlight that brings about the contrast to clearly view the screen. You can adjust the contrast to suit your preference.  

The AD410 has a 2.4 inches TFT true color QVGA display, an improvement of the LCD display which makes the scan results are clearly visible on the screen.

Ancel AD510 has a bigger TFT LCD display which is 2.8 inches. In addition, it has a heavy-duty protective case and keys are silicone frosted to ensure durability,

Overall Features and Functions

AD410 and AD510 have a built-in DTC lookup while the AD310 doesn’t have this function. Both of them have definitions of more than 3000 codes. They quickly read and clear all codes which include manufacturer’s codes, generic codes and pending codes.

Being more advanced than the AD310, Ancel AD410 and AD510 are able to support EVAP system monitoring test and on-board monitoring. The EVAP system monitoring is an OBD function that monitors the condition of the fuel tank. The EVAP tests will check issues related to fuel efficiency and emissions.

The AD410 will offer repair suggestions when connected to the Ancel error database. The suggestions are based on fixes that have worked for other mechanics.

AD510 runs faster than the other two scanners, besides this, it can store graphs for printing later when connected to a computer.

Extra Features/Functions

Ancel AD510 Scanner will scan and reset the Automatic Braking System (ABS) among other onboard electronic systems. Unlike other scan tools, it will not program the ABS system, just scan and reset.

Supported Protocols

The following are the supported protocols.

SAE J1850 PWM: Protocol used by the Ford Company

SAE J1850 VPW: Protocol used by General Motors

ISO 14230: Protocol 2000

ISO 9141-2: Protocol found in European and Asian vehicles

ISO 15765 CAN: Used mostly in the automotive industry

Supported Vehicles Makes

AD310, AD410, and AD510 support vehicles manufactured in the US from the year 1996 but European and Asian models manufactured from the year 2000. Some popular brands such as Ford, GM, Mazda, Honda, Kia, Nissan, Toyota, and Audi can be covered.

AD510 also supports 12v diesel light truck vehicles and Sports Utility Vehicles.

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Software and Updates

ANCEL scanners have a free lifetime upgrade of software. Any updates rolled up will be automatically installed once the scanner is connected to a computer. The only difference between the three scanners in updates is that the AD510 has a memory that can be updated to handle more codes.

Ancel AD310 Pros and Cons


  • Easy to use
  • Stand alone
  • Scans very fast
  • Highly affordable


  • Basic functionality, may not help advanced users
  • Prone to stopping working unexpectedly
  • Some users will find the screen too small compared to other scanners

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A video of Ancel AD310.

Ancel AD410 Pros and Cons


  • Works quickly
  • More functionality
  • Easy to use


  • Updates may not always push through
  • Some users will find the screen too small compared to other scanners
  • Will not help with system diagnosis such as ABS codes, SRS, TPMS oil reset among others

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A video of Ancel AD410.

Ancel AD510 Pros and Cons


  • Added functionality beyond a basic scanner
  • Advanced users and professional mechanics will find it useful
  • When the scanner returns a code, a small definition comes with it to understand what’s it’s all about
  • The small size helps carry the scanner quickly to the needed location


  • Some users will find the screen too small compared to other scanners
  • No wireless connectivity
  • May have compatibility issues. Please confirm before buying it.

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A video of Ancel AD510.


The AD510 is the more superior scanner among these three. It is more expensive but has more functionality. Mechanics and advanced DIYers will find it useful.

AD410 is still a very valuable professional scan tool. Garages and motorists will find that the scanner can help them quickly scan and diagnose their vehicles.

AD310 is a basic scan tool that will fit the needs of a beginner motorist. It will save you a lot of money you may have spent going to a garage for checking engine light.


1. I recently bought the Ancel AD410, how do I get started?

Getting started the Ancel AD410 is easy. Get your professional scan tool, connect the cable to the OBD2 port on your car and then turn the ignition on. Your scan tool will then be fired on and ready to go.

Notes: The OBD2 port is normally found under the dashboard. In some models, it is found below the handbrake.

2. How should I resolve a Vehicle Linking error when using the AD510?

Firstly, confirm if your ignition is on. Then check if the scan tool connector is connected properly to the OBD2 port. If the error still persists, turn the vehicle off and wait for a few seconds before turning it on again. If the error still doesn’t clear, the scan tool may be damaged. Connect it to a computer to confirm this.

3. Are the readings I am getting on AD310 accurate?

Yes, in most instances, the readings will be correct. In a few cases, these scan tools may give incorrect readings. If you have any reasons to doubt, confirm with your mechanic.

4. Why doesn’t  Ancel AD310 clear the fault code?

In such a case, the fault has to be repaired before it can be cleared. Take your vehicle to your mechanic for diagnosis and repair then clear the code.

5. Will the AD410 diagnose the ABS system?

No, it will not diagnose the ABS system. The main function of the AD310 scanner is reading and clearing error codes.

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