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Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep OBD2 codes: Manufacturer-specific Code With Meaning/fault location.

Do you have a Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep that was made after 1996? Surely your car had an OBD2 system to control the emission of the vehicle.

The OBD2 system obviously has more advanced features than the first version – the OBD1, and it is also more standardize with the generic code, which is the same for all manufacturers. However, OBD1 and OBD2 are also sharing one characteristic – manufacturer code, which is set by the manufacturer of the vehicles.  Thus, it is essential to get proper knowledge about this type of code if you want to diagnose it.

This article will show you a list of Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep OBD2 codes with meaning/fault location. Having more knowledge about the codes will be beneficial for you when you want to fix your car. Let’s get going!

Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep Manufacturer-specific OBD2 Codes

CodeMeaning/Fault location
P1192Inlet Air Temp. Circuit Low
P1193Inlet Air Temp. Circuit High
P11951/1 O2 Sensor Slow During Catalyst Monitor
P11962/1 O2 Sensor Slow During Catalyst Monitor
P11971/2 O2 Sensor Slow During Catalyst Monitor
P1198Radiator Temperature Sensor Volts Too High
P1199Radiator Temperature Sensor Volts Too Low
P1281Engine Is Cold Too Long
P1282Fuel Pump Relay Control Circuit
P1283Idle Select Signal Invalid
P1284Fuel Injection Pump Battery Voltage Out Of Range
P1285Fuel Injection Pump Controller Always On
P1286Accelerator Pedal Position Sensor Supply Voltage Too High
P1287Fuel Injection Pump Controller Supply Voltage Low
P1288Intake Manifold Short Runner Solenoid Circuit
P1289Manifold Tune Valve Solenoid Circuit
P1290CNG Fuel Pressure Too High
P1291No Temp Rise Seen From Fuel Heaters
P1292CNG Pressure Sensor Voltage Too High
P1293CNG Pressure Sensor Voltage Too Low
P1294Target Idle Not Reached
P1295No 5 Volts To TP Sensor
P1296No 5 Volts To MAP Sensor
P1297No Change in MAP From Start To Run
P1298Lean Operation At wide Open Throttle
P1299Vacuum Leak Found (IAC Fully Seated)
P1388Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay Control Circuit
P1389No Auto Shutdown (ASD) Relay Output Voltage At PCM
P1390Timing Belt Skipped One Tooth or More
P1391Intermittent Loss of CMP or CKP
P1398Mis-Fire Adapter Numerator at Limit
P1399Wait To Start Lamp Circuit
P1403No 5 Volts To EGR Sensor
P1475Aux. 5 Volt Output Too High
P1476Too Little Secondary Air
P1477Too Much Secondary Air
P1478Battery Temp Sensor Volts Out of Limit
P1479Transmission Fan Relay Circuit
P1480PCV Solenoid Valve
P1482Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit Shorted Low
P1483Catalyst Temperature Sensor Circuit Shorted High
P1484Catalytic Converter Overheat Detected
P1485Air Injection Solenoid Circuit
P1486EVAP Leak Monitor Pinched Hose
P1487Hi Speed Rad Fan CTRL Relay Circuit
P1488Auxiliary 5 Volt Supply Output Too Low
P1489High Speed Fan CTRL Relay Circuit
P1490Low Speed Fan CTRL Relay Circuit
P1491Rad Fan Control Relay Circuit
P1492Battery Temperature Sensor Voltage Too High
P1493Battery Temperature Sensor Voltage Too Low
P1494Leak Detection Pump Switch or Mechanical Fault
P1495Leak Detection Pump Solenoid Circuit
P14965 Volt Supply Output Too Low
P1497Speed Control Switch Always Low
P1498A/C Pressure Sensor Volts Too High
P1499A/C Pressure Sensor Volts Too Low
P1602PCM Not Programmed
P1680Clutch Released Switch Circuit
P1681No I/P Cluster CCD/J1850 Messages Received
P1682Charging System Voltage Too Low
P1683Speed Control Power Relay Or Speed Control 12 Volt Driver Circuit
P1684Battery Disconnected Within Last 50 Starts
P1685Skim Invalid Key
P1686No SKIM Bus Message Received
P1687No Cluster Bus Message
P1688Internal Fuel Injection Pump Controller Failure
P1689No Communication Between ECM & Injection Pump Module
P1690Fuel injection pump CKP Sensor Does Not Agree With ECM CKP Sensor
P1691Fuel Injection Pump Controller Calibration Failure
P1693DTC Detected In ECM Or PCM
P1694No CCD Messages Received From ECM
P1695No CCD/J185O Message From BCM
P1696PCM Failure EEPROM Write Denied
P1697PCM Failure SRI Mile Not Stored
P1698No CCD Messages Received From PCM
P1719Skip Shift Solenoid Circuit
P1740TCC Or OD Solenoid Performance
P1756Governor Pressure Not Equal To Target At 15–20 PSI
P1757Governor Pressure Above 3 PSI When Request Is 0 PSI
P1762Governor Pressure Sensor Offset Improper Voltage
P1763Governor Pressure Sensor Voltage Too High
P1764Governor Pressure Sensor Voltage Too Low
P1765Trans 12 Volt Supply Relay Control Circuit
P1899Park/Neutral Position Switch Stuck In Park or In Gear

How To Check The Codes With Scan Tools

Before starting diagnosing your vehicle, the first thing that you need is an OBD2 scan tool. If you have other diagnostic equipment that usually work along with a computer or laptop, please make sure that your personal computer has installed the necessary software for the equipment. Here is a guide to check the OBD2 codes of your Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep car.

OBD2 scanner is a good tool to diagnose the codes
OBD2 scanning tool

Step 1: Locate the diagnostic connector/16-pin data connector (DLC). This thing usually installed under the dashboard near the brake pedal.

Step 2: Take off the cover of the connector

Step 3: Plugin your scan tool to the connector

Step 4: Turn on your car ignition. If your car has a stop/start buttons, there is no necessary to start the engine. You just need to double press the button without pressing the brake pedal. This will turn on the accessories and the OBD port

Step 5: The OBD2 scanner will immediately diagnose your car to find if there is any fault and show you the code. Read the instructions book that comes along with your scanner to read the codes. After having the code, you can take note of them and solve the problem by yourself with the help of other online information source or ask an expert mechanic to fix your vehicle

Final Thoughts

After reading this article, you may know all the meanings of every code you need. Please take note that this article is for information purposes only. To fix the problem, you ought to check the official website of the scanner or find some help from other mechanics.

Here are other manufacturer-specific codes of other brands:

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